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Duncan and Santa 2007

Christmas 2007
Revised March. 28, 2008 by Brad

After returning from out trip to Kansas to see Tiffany's family we returned to Phoenix where we rendezvoused with Scott, Cynthia and Alexander (up from the land down under), and Uncle Pete who flew in from Washington D.C., Mom, Dad, and Grammy for our own Christmas celebration.
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Posted Nov. 26, 2007 by Brad

Thanksgiving is over, so now it is time to dawn our Tevas, apply some SPF 50 generously to our noses, and go pick out a Christmas tree. Perhaps first we should throw out the pumpkins that have turned into a gelatinous goo on our front porch as a result of the soaring high temperatures we've had. Any tree we do get is likely to drop all of its needles on the way home, so we're going artificial this year. While our tree might be synthetic, our spirits are anything but. Christmas is so much fun to look forward to with a little one in the house. Duncan is really getting a kick out of the decorations and wants to touch ALL of them.

Well, October came and went so fast and now November is almost over. Our annual Halloween party was a success and we even got more people to come in costume this year. Duncan wore a really cute dinosaur costume that his Nana gave him, and he got a big kick out of wearing it.

Tiffany dressed as a soldier of fortune, and Brad as a mad scientist. Brad even put dry ice in some jars with warm water to make the kitchen look more like a laboratory, which the kids loved. They dry ice was a big hit with the kids.
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Congratulations Grammy
Brad's grandmother, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday decided to participate in the 16th Annual Memory Walk to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, Desert Southwest Chapter. This came as a total surprise to the family since its hard to motivate her to walk around her apartment complex. She completed a one mile walk all on her own and was accompanied by others from her assisted living center, and her daughter Marilyn. We are all very proud of her.

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Duncan's Birthday
Posted Sept. 8, 2007 by Brad

Hooray! Duncan just turned one. He's on his feet and walking now and has a vocabulary of a few words. He can say "Ma ma," "Da da," "doggie," "kitty cat" and "thank you." He can also say "no," but we like to pretend that he can't. He's got four teeth (two top front teeth and two bottom front teeth, and he's getting his molars in. We're switching from baby food to soft table foods and we've been surprised at what he'll eat. He likes noodles, chicken, and tofu, but is rather wary of ravioli, chopped up hamburger and hot dogs.

We had a little party for our guy this last weekend and he sure seemed to enjoy himself. We were joined by four generations of relatives and close friends and a good time was had by all.
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Family Vacation
Posted Aug. 19, 2007 by Brad

We've just returned from a fabulous vacation in the Colorado Rockies. It's been almost a year since we both had a whole week off and that was for the arrival of Duncan—not much of a vacation but well worth it nonetheless. This year we took our time and drove to Durango, Pagosa Springs and Alamosa before meeting Tiffany's family in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs for some camping. To recoup from three nights of camping, we spent two nights in Telluride. See the slide show >>.

Nine Month Pictures
Posted June 30, 2007by Brad

Well, by the time we got around to getting Duncan's 9 month pictures at J.C.Penny, we celebrated his 10 month birthday. We've updated the Web site to include some of his pictures. Please let us know if you would like us to send you some (some of you already have some on the way). View Duncan's photos >>

Duncan now has two front teeth on the the bottom and one on top. He's pulling himself up on everything and nothing above knee level is save anymore. He loves remote controls and loves the phone—sucking on it that is. If he sees us on the phone, he'll start to cry until he can put it in his mouth.

We're so proud of our little guy. When we pick him up at daycare, he'll immediately crawl over to us. If he's in a crib, he'll pull himself up and waive. It's really cute. He knows how to say "Momma," and "Dada" and we think he's working on "dog."

San Diego Trip – April 2007
Posted June 8, 2007 by Brad

This past April we took Duncan on his first road trip to San Diego where we went to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. We really like Shamu, petting the sting rays, watching the sharks at Sea World and the hippo, pandas, and bear cubs at the zoo. Highlights of the trip for Duncan included grass, shrubberies, pavement, balloons, and hats on other people. A good time was had by all. It recently dawned on us that EVERYTHING was brand new to Duncan, so a killer whale jumping out of the water 20 yards in front of us is just as new and exciting as sucking his foot.

As soon as we can reload the photo editing software (and find time to edit photos) we’ll put some up on the Web site. Right now their file sizes are too big. Brad has also edited some video and will have more soon.