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Summer Roadtrip — June, 2012
Posted Aug. 7, 2012

Duncan survived kindergarten and was ready for his first summer break from school. What did the Shomers decide to do? A roadtrip of course.

See the pictures from our trip.

Sentimental Journey — January, 2012
Posted April 6, 2012

Brad had an opportunity to fly aboard Sentimental Journey — a fully restored B-17.

See the pictures from the flight .

Christmas 2011
Posted Aug. 8, 2012

See the pictures from Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2011
Posted Aug. 7, 2012

See the pictures from tour trip.

Pima Air Museum
Posted Aug. 8, 2012

See the pictures from tour trip.

Disneyland — October 2012
Posted Aug. 7, 2012

See the pictures from tour trip.

Ski Vacation
Posted Feb. 15, 2011

Several years ago, we went on a camping trip to Colorado. On our way home, we fell in love with Telluride. We'd talked about going skiing there ever since. Last weekend, we finally made it back. Duncan loved the snow and even learned to ski himself. See the pictures from our trip.

Family Photo
Posted Jan. 30, 2011

Over the Christmas holiday, we had our good friend Tony Hernandez of Tony Hernandez Photography take our family picture.

Photo Credit - Tony Hernandez Photography

Long Overdue Update
Posted Oct. 12, 2010

Its been over a year since my last update to the Web site. Hope you don't feel too neglected. We've been snapping photos like mad. I just haven't had the heart to edit and resize the photos, post them to the Web site, and spend hours upon hours of updating the lame excuse for Java Script code that I've been using on the site. Where JavaScript was the bane of my existence, JScript has become my new friend. I found an easy way to upload images into a cool slide carousel and display our family photos without endless hours of editing JavaScript. Hopefully you'll see more frequent updates.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be going back and posting some more photo galleries to the site. In the meantime, I was able to gather a few key sets that I thought you might enjoy. I apologize for the lack of captions, but I will be more diligent going forward. Here are our updates.

This past May, we took a much needed break and traveled to Disneyland. Duncan, Tiffany and I had a wonderful time. We spent two days at Disneyland and California Great Adventure. Duncan was far too excited to take naps, but crashed each night when we got back to our hotel. Duncan rode his first real roller coaster--nearly threw up afterwards, but thankfully didn't. Some favorites were the tea cups, Tarzan's Tree House, and Autotopia.

Hasayampa Nature Preserve
While the weather was still nice, we drove up to the Hasayampa Nature Preserve. It's a small area near Wickenburg, Ariz. Duncan got to borrow some binoculars and explore the trails.

Duncan turned four this past August. We threw a party for him with all of his friends. It was pandemonium, but Duncan had a blast.

Big Boy Bed
Turning four means some big changes. Having mastered the potty, it was time to transition to a big boy bed. Nana and Grandpa found the perfect toddler bed to help Duncan make the transition. Having Lightning Mc Queen sheets made the new bed extra exciting. Duncan crawled in and out of the bed about 100 times. To this day, he's very possessive of his new sleeping space and won't let our cat Angus, or dogs Bruno or Olive on the bed.


Posted Sept. 27, 2009

Duncan, Nana and I went downtown today to watch the old Mountain Bell building demolition. The building had become somewhat of an eyesore. Today it was imploded and we got to watch. Everybody jumped when the first explosion took out the basement supports of the building. Several seconds later the base of the building was taken out. Ten stories of building came tumbling after. It was really amazing. Watch the video here>>.

Stay tuned for updates. I have nine months of photos that I am working on posting in the next week or so. Sorry for not updating more frequently, but its been a very busy year, taking many exciting turns. Duncan has learned so much. We'll share photos soon.

Christmas 2008
Posted Jan. 6, 2009

Christmas this year was allot of fun. Tiffany and Brad tried to get Duncan excited about Santa Claus. He spent many evenings perusing the Toys R Us catalog with great enthusiasm, but never quite made the connection that Santa might be brining the toys from the pictures he so admired.

It was our year to stay in Phoenix for the holidays, and the weeks leading up to the holidays were unseasonably hot—making it difficult to get in the spirit of things. A few days before Christmas, a cold front moved through the desert and things finally felt festive. Read more about our holiday and see the photos>>

Thanksgiving 2008
Posted Jan. 6, 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in Phoenix with Brad's family. The day after, Nana, Grandpa, mom and dad took Duncan to the zoo. See the photos>>

Cookie Tournament — Shaolin Arts 2008
Posted Dec. 23, 2008

Earlier this month, Brad competed in the Shaolin Arts 2008 Cookie Tournament - a Kung Fu/Tai Chi competition (not to be confused with a bake-off). He and his friends demonstrated their open-hand forms, weapons forms, tai chi sticky hands, sparring and ground fighting. Brad took 3rd place in the open-hand forms competition and also competed in the sparring and weapons forms competitions. See photos and video of Brad and a few of his friends from the Shaolin Arts studio and find out why its called a cookie tournament. Photos & Video >>

New Photo Sets Posted
Posted Sept. 17, 2008 by Brad

Rather than waiting until EVERYTHING is complete, I figured I would at least post our most recent pictures. It will still take me some time to enter the captions for each photo, but at least Duncan's adoring public can see what he's been up to without waiting a fiscal quarter to get some new shots.

With the new thumbnail galleries, which I hope you like, it will take less time to post the photos going forward. In the mean time, here are the links to the new photo galleries.

Camping, Conrville, Ariz. - Aug. 2008 >>

Duncan's 2nd Birthday - Aug. 2008 >>

Camping Durango, Col. - Sept. 2008 >>

Mark Brings His Family for a Visit
Posted Sept. 13, 2008 by Brad

Brad's good friend Mark from College came into town for a business trip and brought his family with him. Here are some photos of our little get together.



Duncan and Santa 2007

San Diego / Anaheim Calf., May, 2008
Posted July 18, 2008 by Brad

It would seem that once again I have managed to put off posting our pictures for too long. Its been almost two months since we went to San Diego to see our good friends tie the knot. Our adventure, this time, takes us to San Diego and Anaheim, California. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Duncan and Santa 2007

New York City - First Quarter 2008 Update
Posted March 28, 2008 by Brad

Well, once again it’s been a while since our last post and in that time, much has happened. Duncan is now 19 months old and is looking more like a little boy than a baby. He’s running around and climbing on everything, and his vocabulary is getting better all the time. Did we mention that “No” is the most over used word in his lexicon? What he lacks in vocabulary, he more than makes up for in volume. While we were prepared to hear “No” a lot, we weren't’t expecting the alarming range of volumes, pitch and amplitude his little lungs can generate. Ah! The terrible two’s have arrived.

Duncan has taken to throwing tantrums over the slightest little things. For instance, on the way home from daycare yesterday, we drove past the playground that we like to go to on the weekends. I saw him start to clasp his hand together repeatedly, motioning in the direction of the park as I pulled up to the traffic light (that means he wants something). Through the light, the signaling became a little more urgent and Duncan began to squirm against the restraints of his car seat. When the light turned green and I began to accelerate, he absolutely came unglued and wouldn't’t stop crying for about 40 minutes. “Mommy” seems to be the only one he wants to be consoled by, making it very stressful for Tiffany who is bearing the brunt of his emotional outbursts and on Daddy whose feeling lost.

Aside from all of this, Duncan is healthy and has started going to a new day care center and seems to be adjusting.

In February, Tiffany had the opportunity to attend a children’s writers conference in New York City so, Duncan and I decided to tag along and see the city. We rode the subway, went to some world-class museums and saw the lights at Time Square. See our pictures and read all about Duncan’s trip to the Big Apple.

See the pictures >>.  See Videos>>